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Racine No.1 Press Kit - Racine - the wonderful world of Wendy James

About Racine No.1 Press Kit

Previous Entry Racine No.1 Press Kit Aug. 28th, 2004 @ 01:56 pm Next Entry
Release date: 27th September

Label: Pia-K Recordings

Former Transvision Vamp star WENDY JAMES returns to the music scene as Racine with a brand new album 'Racine No.1'.

Racine fully embraces the DIY punk ethic – the forthcoming debut album 'Racine No.1’ and the single ‘Grease Monkey’ which precedes it, are self performed, self produced, and self written. It will be released on Wendy James’ own label Pia-K Recordings, and distributed through Pinnacle Records in the U.K.

‘Racine No. 1’ is a cool slice of futuristic pop with an electronic edge. It’s unashamedly different... and totally ‘now’, as reflected by the recent round of press days which drew in everyone from ‘high brow‘ music press to fanzines, from broadsheets to style supplements and all points in-between.

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